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Hi Everyone,
Welcome Back to LittiChokhaLive.com
Hope you’re doing well, and wish and expect the same always as usual.

Here is a brief bio of LittiChokhaLive.com

Please don’t go by the name ‘Litti Chokha’ as this is not just a food blog or like a chef’s website, instead – a lifestyle digital locale/open-air venue.

Litti Chokha is an ethnic food of Indian eastern zone, commonly called Purvanchal. Maybe, Japanese are the most talked about for their minimalist lifestyle and food habits, however, Litti Chokha should be treated as the most minimalist food in the world just behind Sattu, another Indian complete food, for those who are unaware or unfamiliar, the roasted gram flour, almost the same used as part of marinade across the world cuisines, a preferably pure veg.

We believe that food is the sole regulator of lifestyle, almost all human behaviours and at the same time reciprocal to the habits and habitats.

Here, we’ll try to talk and think about many things related to the food, the taste and the power of food.

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